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Quick Mortgage Tips
Why Our Mortgage Affliates?
How Much Can I Afford?
Strengthen Your Offer
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Past Credit Difficulities?

Prudential Homesale has the luxury of being able to work with two outstanding Mortgage affiliates. Depending on the state you will be purchasing your home in, Homesale Mortgage, LLC & Mortgage Mastercan provide you with a mortgage quote from one of many programs so that your mortgage is custimized to fit your needs. Our knowledgeable mortgage consultants will work with you every step of the way to navigate today's mortgage environment and get you to the closing table.

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A Few Quick Mortgage Tips

Why Use Our Mortgage Affliates?

In a recent survey, 52% of homeowners said they were not aware of all the mortgage options available to them when they purchased their home. With our mortage services affiliates, Homesale Mortgage LLC and Mortgage Master Inc., we want you to know all your options so you can choose the best mortgage for you.Choose us because:

First mortgages, second mortgages and refinancing for:

How Much Can I Afford?

Many borrowers do not know that they can be approved for different mortgage amounts depending on the mortgage program they choose. Consequently, some homebuyers choose a home in a lower price range when, with proper knowledge, they could have purchased a superior home with little or no financial impact. Before you shop for a home, contact one of our mortage services affiliates for a free consultation on your mortgage options. You may also be interested in usingour available "self service" calculators.

Strengthen Your Offer

A Seller may select your purchase offer over another if they are confident you can obtain your financing. Secure a free pre-approval from one of our mortgage affiliates,which will strengthen your purchase offer.

Don't Shop Just Rates

Some low-interest-rate programs carry higher closing costs.Our mortgage affiliates will help you compare rate to costs so you are properly informed.

Select a Lender with a Good Track Record

Homesale Mortgage LLC is the #1 realty-affiliated mortgage provider in our markets, known for delivery onpromises and for excellent customer service.

Past Credit Difficulties?

Homesale Mortage LLC'sAlternative Lending Department may be able to help you secure a mortgage today. If not,loan officers will provide you with a game plan so you may secure a mortgage in the very near future.

Our mortgage services affiliate Homesale Mortgage LLCis jointly owned and operated by Homesale Realty Services Group, Inc. ("HRSG") and TowneBank Mortgage. Homesale Insurance Services and HRSG, along with other affiliated companies (collectively, our "affiliates") have a business relationship and share common ownership. As a result, Homesale Insurance Services, HRSG, and our affiliates have a financial interest in each other's business performance. Our employees have no ownership interest in HRSG, Homesale Insurance Services, or our affiliates. You are not required as a condition of doing business with v to use the services of Homesale Insurance Services, or the services of any of our other affiliates, or vice versa.

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