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For the best Return On Investment (ROI), home owners are better off replacing and improving certain features of their homes at relatively low cost than investing in costly additions. Given current market trends in the housing industry, it's best to focus on replacing items that will provide the best return in terms of payback when you sell. Let's face it, anything that can help you get your price in the current environment is worth a closer look.

In addition, the rapid improvement in materials and technology will provide you with immediate savings in terms of energy efficiency and overall comfort in your home. Most of these projects immediately enhance your home's curb appeal and increase its marketability, and they require little maintenance once they are installed. As an added bonus, many of these types of replacements qualify for energy efficiency tax credits.

Here are the top four replacement projects, in ascending order of cost:

  • Replace the front door.

The best bang for your buck - least expensive, highest return at resale, and instant improvement in curb appeal and ultimate marketability.

  • Replace home siding.

Good return at time of sale, plus immediate return in energy savings.

  • Replace windows.

Good ROI, immediate energy savings, big improvement in curb appeal.

  • Replace the roof.

Most expensive, but it gets a good ROI. At a certain point, it will need to be done regardless; don't wait until it starts leaking.

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