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How to Get More for Your Maryland or Pennsylvania Home

How can you get more for your Maryland or Pennsylvania property?

Choose the right Real Estate Agent

Select the most highly skilled Real Estate Agent who works for the best real estate company in your Pennsylvania area, then price your home correctly. Skill levels vary from Agent to Agent. A skilled Agent can help you determine a price range for the property you are selling. The Agent can then advise you on how to position the property to attract offers at the higher end of the range without overpricing. Overpricing typically leads to a lower sale price. That's why it's so important to list with a skilled Agent. A skilled Agent's guidance and negotiating ability can have a direct impact on your final sale price. Ask your Agent for references. If the Agent is relatively new to the business, ask about the training the Agent has received.

List with real estate company with a proven and diverse marketing program

To attract the greatest number of interested buyers, you need to list with a real estate company that has extensive marketing programs on the Internet as well as in print advertising. Having more than one interested buyer creates competition, which can produce higher offers on your home.

Review the Broker's Risk Management Guidelines

We all know of someone who has had a problem with a real estate transaction. It is paramount that you choose a real estate company that has Risk-Management Guidelines. Review the company's Guidelines to assure that safeguards are being practiced.

Beware of Discount Brokers

In every market, there may be a real estate company claiming to save you money by discounting their commission. These companies frequently end up selling their listings at discounted prices. Unfortunately, this can cost a seller much more than it can save.

The mandate of a truly professional real estate company is to produce the highest net proceeds for its clients. That's what we do at Prudential Homesale Services Group.

In Summary...

The best Agent + the best company + the best marketing and promotion + the best Risk Management Guidelines = the best price for your property and the highest net proceeds for you.

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